About Us

Welcome to LeeKnives, China's trusted manufacturer of wholesale and custom knives. Since 1993, we've proudly supplied global brands and retailers with top-notch blades that embody excellence. Each and every one of our products is meticulously designed to enhance the customer experience.

More than makers of tools, we're problem solvers who understand the challenges of global supply chains. Our goal is to help businesses overcome obstacles, enabling them to craft their own success stories. We exist to complement your endeavors, allowing you to focus on growing your company. Whether you need design consultation, reliable bulk fulfillment or exclusive products, our dedicated representatives are here to develop tailored solutions.

Trust LeeKnives to be your foremost partner. Working closely together, we'll transform your visions into treasured products that uplift lives and businesses alike. It's relationships like ours that strengthen communities and fuel dreams worldwide. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your success.